When I feel I need robust certainty, my programming language of choice is C#. It suits me for both Windows development and the server side of web sites. I can switch to Java when needed, such as writing extensions to Weka or small apps for Android phones.

Web Sites

jQuery has revolutionised my view of JavaScript, such that I now enjoy writing client-side as well. jQuery Mobile has meant that I've not had to learn Objective-C. I'm still competent in ASP.Net, and use PHP when changes are expected to be small and frequent.


The data I work with is usually stored in SQL Server. My colleagues on the Claimsuite team show me how little I know. We use MySql on Property Hawk where it does a great job .

Data Mining

I love the way R gives a dense syntax for data manipulation. Then passing the data to Weka finds the patterns that were hidden by noise.

Software Development

Working in an Agile style, aspiring to become an Extreme Programmer.

Skills in brief

  • C#
  • jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • ASP.Net
  • PHP
  • R
  • Weka
  • SQL Server
  • MySql
  • Agile Programming
  • UML


Property Hawk


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